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Leading From Within Program

There are 7 key elements to the program, namely:

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    Self Awareness

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    Self Expression

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    Self Development

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    Finding and being true to the essence of yourself

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There are numerous simple, experiential activities which provide opportunities for participants to address the 7 key elements. All of the activities are soundly based on acknowledged theoretical information, drawn from a number of disciplines including Positive Psychology, Behavioural and Depth Psychology, Trauma theory, Wilderness Therapy, Family Therapy (including understanding of Transgenerational patterns), Mind-body medicine, Human Potential theory and Metaphysics.

  1. The Main Program - 40-60 hours

One of the key concepts which contributes to the success of this program is that it is run in small groups, which have been created into small, very safe, psychological “containers”. In other words there is a set of rules, which are agreed to at the beginning of the program, which ensure that people are free to talk about anything they need to. This also means that some of what goes on is deep, sacred and seriously therapeutic, allowing healing to take place, because people are very safe and can afford to expose their deepest feelings. Through this participants learn how to deal with the most important aspects of their lives. The program uses a mixture of art, drama, music, nature and physical activities to enhance the learning opportunities.

The program consists of various components including:

  • How human brains respond to stress and trauma
  • Learning more about who you are and what is your full potential
  • Understanding your life from the beginning to where you want it to go
  • What it means to take Full Responsibility for your life and the benefits of doing so
  • Team Building - Sharing important aspects of your life with others in a very safe space
  • Goal Setting and Living Intentionally
  • Working out your Life Purpose
  • Learning how to be Authentic
  • Knowing how to share your learning with others for their benefit
  • Stories of Resilience


2. The Parenting Program 12-16 hours


The same principles apply to this program as to the longer one.

However the focus is on skills for parenting your children so that you contribute, consciously to their wellbeing by knowing how to help build integrated brain development.

The reason this is so important is that there is a lot of research now which demonstrates how parenting style directly impacts on the way your child's brain develops. That impacts on how it functions.

And all of that determines what quality of life your child will have.

When you know how best to connect with your children so that their brains develop optimally, you will have happier, healthier, smarter and better adjusted children.

These children will be able to achieve their potential and will know how to have satisfying personal relationships.

We know that's what all parents want and that's what people gain when they do the Leading from Within Parenting program.


3. Train the Trainer Program


Along with a comprehensive Training Manual and an Intellectual Property agreement, Leading from Within Co-Founders, Patrick and Jenny O’Connell will provide extensive training for people interested in running the program.

In 2017, the University of Melbourne School of Rural Health validated that this program is effective as a means of assisting people to recover from trauma.

Leading from Within is a small group program which requires two suitably qualified and appropriately oriented facilitators who are capable of creating and holding a deeply therapeutic space.

The people who attend groups are likely to have experienced many different kinds of trauma, can be triggered easily into survival states, are often triggered by others’ stories or comments and are sometimes suicidal.

Participants often reveal things they have never shared with anyone else.

All of this makes the process quite sacred and requires the facilitators to use a range of skills creatively and with flexibility.

Who will make a good facilitator?

The people who will do best as facilitators are those:

  • who can work well as a co-facilitator
  • with lived experience which is largely healed
  • people professionally trained and confident in a comprehensive trauma-informed practice
  • who can use humour appropriately to assist in lightening the space when it’s needed
  • who are personally mindful and capable of teaching mindful approaches to life
  • who embrace the idea that growth can come from trauma
  • willing to focus on developing growth and focussing on strength

It is possible to have one trained professional and another facilitator and


Time and Cost 

Depending on the experience of the people applying the time for training and cost will vary.



If you are interested in finding out more about the Train the Trainer program, please contact Patrick or Jenny O’Connell on the following numbers:

Landline: +613 58211295

Mobile Patrick: +61 428 211 295

Mobile Jenny: +61 421 160 688