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In the small rural Victorian community of Mooroopna, in 1999 some  tragic deaths occurred. Following the first death the human service sector provided the first ever response.

O’Connell Consultancy was asked to evaluate the response after a second youth suicide occurred.

One of the recommendations was to provide a process to allow people to recover from the impact of the trauma they had experienced.

O’Connell Consultancy was asked to develop a program which could assist in recovery.

As materials were being developed to start a small group program for recovery, a key adult at the Mooroopna Cricket Club took his life, impacting on all the same families again.

After providing some support to the Cricket Club, some of the members decided to become involved with the program.

In 2002 almost 100 people were involved in 17 small groups in a program called Leading from Within. The majority of those involved were young people 12-25 years old. There were about 30 older adults as well.

In 2003 some of the adults decided to establish a separate organisation called Leading from Within (Greater Shepparton) Incorporated.

Several hundred people completed the program in the following years.

In 2014 it was decided to add another component to the work of the organisation.

It was decided that Leading from Within would offer Parenting programs.

The purpose was to help parents who had experienced trauma to undertake a program. The aim is to help them provide the right environment for the healthy development of their children’s brains. It has also been to prevent passing on the impact of their trauma to their children.

In 2017, Professor Lisa Bourke and Dr Andrew Hamilton from the School of Rural Health at the University of Melbourne undertook a Review of Leading from Within.

The review validated that the program works and that it had its greatest impact on “those who were at a very low point in their lives”.

In 2018 the organisation has focussed on a succession plan which includes a Train the Trainer component and after the University of Melbourne recommendation, to go to communities where a traumatic event has occurred to provide the opportunity for recovery.

For more information about the Train the Trainer program see the section on this Website which addresses this.

For more information about a response to traumatic events please contact the Program Co-ordinators Patrick and Jenny O’Connell +613 58211295.